And This Is Why I Won’t Use Yahoo Mail

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Every email you send or receive is tracked by them.

Maybe all free email services do this, and only Yahoo admits it.

We know Google reads email in order to serve ads that are “relevant to the user” — i.e. if your friend sends you an email about the new car he just bought, your online Gmail account will give you ads about new cars. How that is relevant to you is beyond me.

One way to avoid the “reading email to send you ads” things is to not use the web version. Use Outlook or Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird or something. Use the email program on your tablet or smartphone.

But that doesn’t stop Yahoo. They’ll track you anyway.

And that’s why I won’t use their service.


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I just washed my hair with mango-scented shampoo and now I’m totally hungry.

Oh Yes I Did

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iPhone 4 home button stopped working. Can’t be fixed. Out of warranty. Solution?

What do you think?

Thanks to AT&T for the early upgrade eligibility. And for taking my money very efficiently.

Sent on my iPhone 4S.


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I just got called “Steve.”


Listerine Arctic Berry

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It doesn’t taste like the arctic, nor berries. More like grape cough syrup.

Yeah. No.

Coffee Complainers

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The folks that complain about the coffee in the office are the ones who make the worst coffee.

If you can see through it, not good.

If you get to the bottom and there’s stuff to chew on, not good.

Leave this important job to the professionals and true connoisseurs. Like McDonald’s.

Black Saturday

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There’s a TV on sale that I just HAVE to have — you know how that feels.

It was sold out today, Black Friday, but an insider told me there’s more in the back, being held for Saturday.

Guess who’s getting there when they open?

Hhmm . . .

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